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    Southwest Foot & Ankle Clinic is proud to be the largest foot care clinic in Southwest Oklahoma dedicated to treatment of the foot and ankle. The doctors will provide a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of your foot and ankle pain. We strive to relieve foot pain through the latest medical and surgical techniques.   Dr. Bryan Cain and Dr. John Cauthon are board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine.  They are also Diplomats of the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Medicine.

    By combining the latest in medicine mixed with Oklahoma compassion, Southwest Foot & Ankle Clinic provides the highest quality foot and ankle care possible. Our facilities provide all the equipment needed to give you as much care as possible under one roof. Our facilities include:           

    • Comprehensive Medical and Surgical treatment of the foot and ankle
    • In-house X-Ray
    • Diabetes Services
    • Minor Surgery Suite
    • Office Laser Surgery
    • Orthodic Fabrication
    • Gait Analysis
    • In Office Ultrasound System
    • Computerized Billing
    • Digital Foot Scanner
    • Professional Foot Care Products
    • Custom Fit Shoe Program              


    You Don’t have to live with heel pain!  Southwest Foot & Ankle Clinic specializes in using the latest treatments for heel pain. Heel pain is often caused by plantar fasciiatis or heel spurs. If you are experiencing heel pain we offer the latest treatments available to alleviate that pain. If you want more information on heel pain, click on Documentation and Media in our Services tab for more information.


    The doctors and staff at the Southwest Foot & Ankle Clinic are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot problems.  The staff has years of training and experience in the area of diabetic foot care.

    As an individual who has been diagnosed with diabetes, you are aware that you should take extra precautions to insure your health. These include watching what you eat, monitoring your blood sugar level, and regulating your activity. They also include not taking your feet for granted.  Diabetes can lead to poor circulation resulting in peripheral arterial disease (PAD).  It can also lead to nerve damage known as peripheral neuropathy.  Both of these conditions leave a diabetic prone to numerous complications with their feet including ulcers, infection, arthritis and amputations.

    Services Available: Southwest Foot & Ankle Clinic, Inc. Strives to both help diabetic prevent foot problems and treat them when problems arise.  The clinic offers through evaluation of each diabetic to determine his or her foot health.  Other services include:

    • Custom fit diabetic shoes from Dr. Comfort:  Why not have a physician specializing in the foot help you choose your diabetic shoes?  A Podiatrist is specifically trained to match you with the best shoe for your activity level, foot type, foot deformities and body type.
    • Wound care:  The staff takes wound care for the diabetic seriously.  You deserve specific, up to date treatment to heal your would quickly.  A treatment plan including wound care, medication and off loading will be prescribed for you individually.
    • Preventive care for foot problems: The clinic can provide regular visits for preventive care for toenails, corns, calluses and numerous foot problems.  Our goal is to prevent these foot problems from leading to severe complications.
    • Treatment of injuries:  Diabetes leaves you more prone to foot and ankle injuries.  The clinic has in house x-ray and ultrasound to evaluate injuries and early treatment.

    What to look for:
A patient with diabetes should make a habit of checking his or her feet on a regular basis - at least twice a day (morning and evening). It's also a good idea to check after any vigorous activity, such as aerobic exercise. Try to make a routine, so that you do not forget.

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